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Man recounts how his dad ‘helped’ him financially after seeing him on a date



A Nigerian man has taken to social media to narrate how his dad came to his rescue during a date with a lady he admires.

The guy known as Nonye said he took the girl to a bar and they were chatting for sometime until the waiter served them pepper soup and drinks.

He explained that he did not make the order but the waiter pointed towards the direction of a man who ordered it for them, and it turned out to be his father.

Nonye said that his dad queried him for taking a lady out and delaying to place an order.

According to the young man, his dad also narrated the incident to him mum and he still uses it to mock him from time to time.

In his words; ”One girl I was eyeing that time, took her out to one Bar around my side, we talked for a few minutes and I observed the waiter bringing two plates of peppersoup and drinks to our table. I told him I didn’t make the order, he said someone did

I asked who, lo and behold he pointed to my dad sitted comfortably at the back minding his business in his full glory. When I got home after the date, mans just looked at me and laughed, In his words he said “How will you take a woman out, 10 mins into the date and you never Order anything, na talk she go chop?”.

He went to gist my mom and they both laughed at me, he still uses it to banter me every now and then. Bro code, but in a parent way”

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