Man recounts how he mentored ‘most stubborn’ student till his grades improved

A Nigerian man identified as Obinna Nwosu, has taken to social media to reflect on his time as a corp member who helped a student to realise his potentials.

He took to Twitter and shared a photo of of him in 2013 while doing his National Youth Service Programme as a teacher in a secondary school.

Obinna, who is running for Federal House of Representatives Ikwuano / Umuahia Federal Constituency in 2023, was snapped talking to a boy known as the most stubborn kid in school with poor grades.

According to the young man he served in Edo state and God used him as an agent of transformation to change the boy’s ife.

He said he was able to take the boy under his mentorship and tutored him till and by the end of the school session he moved from 15th to 8th position.

Obinna wrote; ”This was 2013, when I was serving in Edo state, I was told that this kid was the most stubborn boy in school with very poor grades. I brought him close and tutored him. During my 1 yr stay, he went from 15th position to 8th. God used me as an agent of transformation.”

Reacting a tweep wrote; I see you as someone who will change the norms set up by the old older folks who have taken the people captives for decades. It gladden my heart whenever I see young people who are committed to a good cause & ready to do the right thing. May God grant you victories in Jesus Name

Meanwhile, founder of Anakle, Editi Effiong, has said he empowered every child in his community with the requisite computer skills to be relevant in modern society.

He made this known on Twitter while replying a tweep who challenged him for raising concerns over the development index in Lagos.

The tweep told him to compare the level of development in Lagos state with his village and say which is better.

In response, the techpreneur said he ensured that every primary school pupil in his village can use a computer. Editi also said that they are taught how to code and have access to the internet.

He shared photos to backup his claim and wrote; ”My village has running water. But the most important development index for me is that every child attending primary school there can use a computer, has internet access and has learned to code. I made that happen. Now, tell me how you developed your village.”