Man recalls being arrested after his friend and babe used his phone to plan her kidnap

A Nigerian man has recounted how he got arrested after he was unknowingly made an accomplice in the self kidnap of his friend’s girlfriend.

He said the guy and his babe visited him and asked to borrow his phone which they used to call the girl’s parents to demand money.

According to the narrator known as @iam_diger, he received a text message that night from someone pleading with him to release their daughter.

Two days later, he was tracked and arrested for the alleged kidnap, after which he spent four days in custody until security personnel apprehended the girl and her boyfriend.

In his words; “I was just on my own when my friend came to me with his babe, they asked if I had airtime and if they could use my phone to make a call, I gave them my phone innocently, they went outside, made the call, gave me back my phone and left. I totally forgot about it even when I saw a strange sms that was sent to me around midnight pleading with me to release their daughter because he is just a secondary school principal and does not have the money…

I didn’t understand it so I ignored thinking it was a mistake, I saw it as that until I was tracked and Arrested 2days later for a kidnap case, Thankful my late Dad and the DPO were friends so they believed my explanation and they went after my friend and his babe who planned the whole thing.. I spent 4 days in custody before they finally caught the two love birds in their hideout.

Me and the guy have not spoken ever again, in fact I narrated my story to my cell mates who made him pay for involving me in his scheme.. This happened in 2014 and I have avoided any of my friend who is in love ever since.. they don’t think straight because Love na bastard!!!

For those seeking clarification, the sms I got was from the babe’s father, apparently when they went out to make the call, she pleaded and pretended to be kidnapped on phone so that her Dad can send them money to flex but the man reported the case and gave my number.”