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Man reacts romantically after waking up to discover his girlfriend scrolled through his phone



Going through your partner’s phone is an act that many relationship advisors caution against as it could lead to cracks in the partnership regardless of whether there was incriminating information on the phone.

Whenever a man or woman catches their lover going through their phones, it usually sparks a series of unpleasant reactions that could lead to fights, or breakup in some cases.

Well such is not the case in the matter regarding a man who woke up from sleep and discovered that his girlfriend went through his phone.

He was angry at her for the act but rather than shout or question her, his next line of action left her feeling impressed and in awe.

Twitter user, @blackqueenofTU who happens to be the girlfriend shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, as she revealed that he decided to buy edibles and a card in which he wrote down an apology to her.

She wrote; “Soo my boyfriend is mad at me because I went through his phone while he was sleep (btw I didn’t find anything)but instead of arguing with me he buys me Chipotle, snacks, and card that says “I’m sorry for not making you feel safe and secure but there’s nobody else but you””

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Social media users were sure to react to her post, as some called her out.

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