Man proposes to girlfriend aboard flight with the help of comedian I Go Save (Watch video)

A Nigerian man wanted to propose marriage to his girlfriend in a special way, so he decided to do it aboard a flight from Lagos to Warri.

His friend enlisted the help of comedian I Go Save, whom he only just met at the airport lobby when they were preparing to board.

The comic act revealed that a guy approached him and asked for his assistance, saying that his friend wanted to propose mid-air and he agreed.

According to him, they revealed that girl in question is a fan of his and the boyfriend wanted it to be a pleasant surprise. The plane’s air hostesses were also part of the surprise proposal plan.

The comedian said he was given a box containing the engagement ring, to bring to the couple while they were sitting in their aisle.

The air hostess announced that someone wanted to get engaged and I Go Save was called upon to take the box to the person that requested for it.

I Go Save kept searching for the couple until he found them and handed the box to the loverboy. He brought out the ring, went down on one knee and proposed.

She agreed to be his wife while other passengers cheered and clapped for the newly engaged couple.

Also, the air hostess came with a bouquet of flowers after the lady said yes and hugged her man passionately.

Watch the video below: