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Man narrowly escapes death as his phone case blocks bullet fired at him



A Brazilian man managed to escape death after his phone case blocked a bullet fired at him by robbers.

He uses an Incredible Hulk phone case which was in his pocket when a bullet fired at him was blocked midway thereby preventing it from piercing his body.

According to reports, the man was shot at on October 7 during an attempted robbery attack in a rural area of the municipality of Petrolina in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco.

It is said that the bullet only grazed his hips before being blocked by the case.

Concerned residents were said to have called the police but the armed robbers had already fled the scene before they arrived.

Paramedics then rushed the victim to a University hospital in the city for treatment. It was believed that the man was fatally injured by the bullet until they realized that it didn’t penetrate his skin as it was blocked by his phone case.

Meanwhile, the suspects are still at large and it is unclear if the police will continue to investigate the case or let it go.

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