Man narrates how his wife tricked him by collecting N25k after ‘gifting’ him N15k

A Nigerian man, Lola Okunrin has narrated the method his wife played a fast one on him to obtain almost two times the amount of money she gave to him.

He said that he was cash strapped and complained about it the previous day and woke up the next morning to an alert of N15k from her.

Lola checked his wallet and saw the money, what he did not know, however, is that it was a trick to get some money from him.

He said that he later checked his balance and realised that she gained access to his account and transferred N25,000 to her own account.

The man said; “In this life, marry someone who has the fear of God. I complained about lack of cash yesterday.

Woke up this morning and found out my wife has placed 15k cash in my wallet. Checked my account balance in my bank app and found out she had sent 25k to herself. Sora fun Obirin.”

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Man narrates how his wife tricked him by collecting N25k after ‘gifting’ him N15k

In other relationship matters, a 32-year-old man has expressed regret for suggesting to his wife that they have an open marriage where they can be with other men and women.

He said that he had gotten tired of being with only her after 5 years of marriage so he came up with the idea but his 30-year-old wife initially refused, however he was able to convince her on the benefits and she agreed.

However, his problem with the arrangement is that she only has affairs with men despite making him believe she was bisexual.

The husband said that he protested and asked her to also go for women, and she said that it is only people she clicks with she has intimate moments with and it turns out that they all happen to be men.

When he tried to cancel the agreement and end the open marriage because he was feeling insecure, his wife refused and noted that he is also seeing other women.

But what bothered him the most is that there is a particular man who is moving like he wants to snatch his wife from him.

He revealed that the guy visits her in their matrimonial home when he’s around and he comes with flowers, pays for her nails among other things.

He narrated; I (32m) asked my wife(30f) if we could open the relationship. She agreed, and I’m feeling upset because although she’s bisexual, she’s only sleeping with men.

After 5 years of marriage I felt like she had given me all she had to offer. Now, please don’t judge me for saying that. She just had a very low sxx drive and I have a higher one. I figured opening the relationship would help out marriage and help me get my needs met. She originally said no, but after I explained to her the benefits she said yes after a few days of asking. We seemed both excited at the possibility of a threesome.

Now where the problem lies is that my wife is bisexual, and yet the only people she’s been sleeping have been men. When asked about this, she said she only sleeps with people she clicks with, and they just happen to be men. When I told her my feelings about this she said it’s only fair because I’m sleeping with other women. While true, it makes me wonder if she’s truly bisexual.

When I asked for her to also sleep with women or I’d want to close the marriage again she rolled her eyes and said no. One of the guys I fear is trying to seriously date her. He brings her flowers and food, pays for her nails and never even acknowledges me when he’s over. I feel like she’s dismissing my feelings and I’m getting frustrated. I want to close our marriage again. How to approach this?

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