Man narrates how his divorced parents meet for bedroom activities despite having new partners

A Nigerian man has revealed that his parents meet in his house to have intimate moments despite getting a divorce years ago.

He said his dad has a new wife and mum remarried another man, but they cheat on their new partners with each other, under the guise that they are going to check on their son.

The man shared the story while trying to give credence to ‘Okafor’s Law’ which implies that a man or woman can still sleep with their ex if they indicate interest, irrespective of the ex-lovers current relationship status.

According to the narrator, they often play in his house when they come visiting and it makes him to pity the people they remarried.

In hs words; “About the Okafors law, my both parents have been divorced years ago and now remarried but them Dey use my house for meet and greet in the name of coming to check up on me. Na so mumsi go tie wrapper for chest Dey drag remote with each other I just Dey pity their partners.”

Meanwhile, in other news…

A Nigerian man has revealed how he tried to get his ex-girlfriend back even though she is now married. He said he attempted making her husband jealous when he bumped into them recently.

The guy known as Adeola, who still misses his ex, said he gave the married woman a warm hug in the presence of her partner.

According to him, the husband was watching them, and he hopes that after they went their separate ways, the man became jealous enough to dump her. Adeola expressed the desire to get his former girlfriend her back if her husband ends their marriage out of jealousy.

He wrote; ”Yesterday I ran into my ex, and we gave each other a warm hug while her partner watched us. Wallahi, I’m hoping he starts overthinking and breaks down so I can get my girlfriend back.”

Reacting, @rovertleinad said; You never know the value of something until you lose it. You see the love she gives with all of her being and you take it for granted, thinking you can easily get such from anyone…. Then you leave and you realise it isn’t so. Take your L chief and move on….

@rovertleinad; …I for support you ooo, but then I realise that would be a disservice to me. My future wife will be sum1 else’s ex too, and she will definitely be a blessing from God. Now imagine her ex praying I f**k things up cos of my insecurities so he can have her for himself. God forbid.