Man moved to tears as plus-size girlfriend proposes to him (Video)

A video circulating on the internet shows a man shedding tears of joy after getting engaged to his girlfriend who summoned courage and proposed to him.

The plus-size lady went down on one knee in the presence of shoppers at a shopping mall and asked her man to be her husband.

Seeing how she went out of her way to defy the norm, and brave the odds, the boyfriend became overtly emotional as he accepted her proposal.

He could be seen covering his face coyly before agreeing to her proposal. After the acceptance, they bith hugged as eyewitnesses cheered and clapped for the couple.

Watch the video below:


And he said Yes; and shed tears of joy… Congratulations are in order #cynthiaossy

♬ My Baby (feat. Chike) – Diamond Platnumz

In reaction, @Ifedimma opined: If we should adapt this courage, single ladies will reduce

@Ennywealth stated: be like say the guy no go get choice ni o when a woman is taking your responsibility

@Ebi So said: The lady decided to force her new year resolution to come true 😂😂

@Elevating Excellence asked: why will you even allow a woman to propose to you ? collect the ring and propose to her.

In similar news…

CorrectNG reported that a woman took to social media to express the utmost joy and excitement at her daughter being blessed in double fold.

Her daughter delivered a baby boy and the man in the new mum’s life proposed marriage to her at the hospital where she gave birth.

In a video posted on TikTok by the woman’s mother, the guy decided to pop the four-word question to his girlfriend just in front of the hospital.

“Our Christmas Miracle ♥️: Seeing my daughter & son in law walk free out of children’s hospital #nicu for the first time after having twin babies on July 21, 2022 at 24 weeks which our babygirl A’sani is our angel 👼 now and A’sir fought through the Nicu for him & his sister an is now home with us.

My daughter breeofnola born on Christmas Day received a double dose of blessing on yesterday being surprisingly proposed to after we blessed & celebrated baby boy A’sir discharge from the hospital. Lord let me just say thank you for it all🙌🏾 and that girl has REAL DIAMONDS like her mom”, she wrote.

She revealed that daughter had initially given birth to a set of twins on July 21, 2022, but one, a girl unfortunately did not make it, thankfully the boy survived and was finally discharged with his mum in December.

The video showed the woman who had just been discharged leaving the hospital when her lover decided to surprise her with an engagement. As the woman and her boyfriend were stepping out of the hospital premises, friends and family showed moral support by cheering.

A man first prayed for the new mum and her lover before the she took the floor and appreciated them for being supportive. Her man decided to speak next and it was in the course of his speech that he made the surprise marriage proposal.