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Man makes beautiful wig for his mum from hair he grew for two years



A 27-year-old man has given his mum a chance to feel like herself once again after he made a huge sacrifice following her health condition.

Matt Shaha grew his hair for two years and cut it to make a beautiful wig for his mother who lost her own hair due to a benign brain tumor.

Melanie Shaha reportedly battled cancer with a tumor developing in her brain and having an effect on the functioning of her pituitary gland.

After undergoing treatment she lost her hair and had to be using a scarf. Matt felt the urge to help his mother, so he made a conscious decision to grow his hair in order to ensure that his mother regains her hair.

It is interesting to note that Matt jokingly came up with the idea of growing his hair while having lunch with his mum and it became an amazing reality.

According to the Matt: “I said, ‘Why don’t I grow out my hair to make a wig for you?'”

He kept the hair for no less than two years and when he thought that it has grown to a reasonable length, the young man decided it was time to cut it off and used it to give his mother a befitting wig.

They both visited a salon where Matt’s hair was cut and subsequently restraightened before being placed on Melanie’s head.

When asked how he felt not having hair after her radiation therapy, she said: “Not having hair, you stick out like a sore thumb and well-meaning people can say things that break your heart. I don’t mind being sick but I mind looking sick. I’d rather blend in and not stand out at the store.

“You know, I’ve lost my eyebrows, lost my eyelashes, I lost my hair, so it’s just been such a tremendous gift to be able to have a more normal appearance, to go places and not stand out because you look unusual, but to fit in and be beautiful.”

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