Man left heartbroken as he discovers after 51 years that he isn’t the father of his 2 kids

An old white man has lamented on social media after discovering that he is a victim of paternity fraud. He said that he’s been married for 51 years ad he just found out that their two children do not belong to him.

In a video he posted, he narrated how his brother had a kidney-related issue and his two sons took a test to confirm if theirs would match. Unfortunately, the result of the test came back negative, indicating that neither of the children are his, biologically.

According to him, he’s been searching for the true father of the men so that he may file for a refund of every dime spent on the two boys, aged 42 and 40.

Using his personal life experience, he urged youths to take paternity tests seriously while speaking on plans to divorce his wife.

He said; “I have been married for 51 years, got two sons; 42 and 40 and I’m still supporting them. They did a test to find out if they got a kidney good enough for my brother and found out something interesting, they ain’t my kids; they’re somebody else’s.”

Watch the video:

Meanwhile, in another news…

Famous Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia has recalled the suffering she endured in her first marriage due to her inability to give birth.

The 32-year-old movie star wondered why a man’s family usually blame the wife for their inability to conceive a child.

Idemudia said that she went through hell in the marriage that lasted for 10 years, as she thought she was the problem.

The mother-of-one said a part of her true life story has been compiled into a movie titled When Tables Turn, to be released later this month.

Taking to her Instagram page, she gave words of encouragement to other couple struggling to have their first child not to give up as God has not forsaken them.

Etinosa wrote; “Why is it that in this country, when a woman isn’t getting pregnant the whole family of the man including the man will blame the woman. Even without a diagnosis.

To every man/woman out there trying to conceive, just know that God has not forsaken you. If he can bless me with a child after years of PCOS tears and shame. Then he can and he will definitely turn the tables to favor you.

I can’t sleep. 10 years ago I went through hell. I thought I was the problem. I have taken a part of my life story and created a movie that I hope will minister to and entertain you”.