Man left feeling embarrassed after being called that his wife was caught stealing at the market (Video)

A middle-aged Ghanaian woman has allegedly been caught stealing at a market in Takoradi and questioned over her disappointing action.

It was gathered that when she was apprehended stealing food stuff, her husband was alerted and he rushed down to the market.

The husband was said to have felt embarrassed when he reached and saw how his wife was being interrogated.

He pleaded on her behalf because they wanted to take her to the police station and he promised to handle the matter himself.

A video making the rounds online shows her being berated for doing such at her age and she wore a face of shame.

She was teary-eyed and pleaded her case while people asked if they are lacking food at home or if she did it for some other reason.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, IG user, larryshaibu wrote; At least conceal her sin not expose it

bigmamas_kitchen_usa; I hope her husband is supporting her Financially.

nana_k_battler; Oh i know her ooo,,smh

media_plas; Sometimes things like this shouldn’t be recorded 😢 for the sake of the mental health of their kids

swisssssssssssssssssssssssssss; This isn’t nice at all y’all circulating this… You all sin just because you haven’t been caught so you exposing someone. If she commits suicide out of this you’d be happy right ? THINK !!

saabysskitchen; Then I will realize am a failure as a man, cos my wife should be well taken care of .

abi_promise; I don’t get them ooo old women like u err so by now if ur kids are Watching this

quinn_coco_gh; So now where is the world heading too.. Eeeeiii day rime robbery and day rime stealing.. big woman like u.. So Sad.

melanin_nayah; I used to work at the market. Until you are the seller you won’t understand their pain. This items eh the profit is just coins ooo so it’s when people buy plenty that you get money. What she is taking away is somebody’s capital. I’ve seen this severally they do it all the time.
I think if they are sure she did it I’m glad they did this. She should live with the shame. There was one shop there, no thief dared coz as for that woman if she catches you that day you will regret. She can match you through the market with you carrying the items you stole. The thieves realized she was not playing so they stopped visiting her shop.