Man lands in police station after attacking danfo passenger who toasted his wife in his presence

A man has recounted his chaotic encounter with a male passenger of a commercial bus who wooed his wife in his presence.

He and his wife boarded a danfo bus in Lagos and they were in transit when a man who sat in front of them turned back to ask for her number.

According to the husband, he had noticed earlier that the man kept turning back to look at his wife even when he saw that she was with someone.

He said that he was paying the transport fare for the two of them when the passenger asked for his wife’s number and it made him angry.

He questioned the guy to know why he still showed interest despite seeing her with someone and in response, the admirer said; ‘you think say na only you dey chop ham before?’

The comment provoked him to a point of physical altercation and they fought until police was called to get the situation under control. Both men ended up in police cell and slept there for three days before regaining their freedom.

Following his ordeal, he advised people to get a car of they can because there are ‘mad people’ in Lagos.

In his words; “My craziest experience in a danfo happened the day I was going out with my wife. I was sitting beside my wife and another guy was sitting in front of us. I noticed he was turning his neck to look at her from time to time which made me so uncomfortable. Despite seeing her with a man, this guy opened his detty mouth to ask for my wife’s phone number when I was busy paying for our transport fare.

I was extremely angry that I almost punched him in the face. I asked if he was so blind to notice that we are couples, he then replied, ‘you think say na only you dey chop ham before? We fought sotey, we both slept in the police station for three good days. There are so many m@d people in this country, just have your car to avoid some of them abeg.”