Man laments, claims phone dealer defrauded him of N500k for iPhone 12, shares receipts

A man has called out a phone dealer for allegedly scamming him of N500,000 which was payment for an iPhone.

He inquired about buying an iPhone 12 and was informed of the price, however, three weeks after paying the N500k it was yet to be delivered.

According to the customer known as @thishallpass0, the phone seller ghosted him and refused to reply chats which is why he resorted to exposing the person online.

”This guy right here Is a scammer .. he collected 500k from me and stopped replying my text and no delivery yet .. it’s been 3weeks now,” he tweeted.

Hours later, he gave an update that someone contact him and offered to mediate between buyer and seller to find a solution.

He said that he sent payment receipts and screenshots of the chat to backup his claim to the person that reached out.

@thishallpass0 also said that after some compromise was reached, the phone dealer sent him N68,000.

He added; ”Thanks y’all Twitter fam.. I really appreciate the support 🙏 With help of @InsideIlorin_NG reaching out to me via dm earlier today to clarify things, I sent him all proof of payment and screen record of all chat to see how the transaction went down.

@MeedMobile sent me N68,000 with further agreement we had to settle the whole money based on couple of calls I had from his family members which I trust he shared my contact with them..

I was hell bent to agree slightly to their promise as he self acclaim not to be a scammer.”