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Man laments after selling his expensive car to invest in Ponzi scheme



A man has reportedly fallen victim to a Ponzi scheme after being enticed with the first ‘return on investment’.

According to Twitter user @KingArthurOG, the victim called a radio station to lament after he sold his car to invest in a scheme which turned out to be Ponzi.

The man made an initial investment of N40,000 and got N70,000 in two weeks, after being drawn in, he decided to invest a large sum.

He sold his car for N1.5 million and invested the money, unfortunately for him, the WhatsApp group created for the payment was closed shortly after.

@KingArthurOG shared, ”Baba crying on radio becos he invested 40k in a WhatsApp based ponzi scheme.. he got 70k in 2wks, he then sold his car for 1.5M and invested the entire amount….the WhatsApp group closed shortly after. No sympathy from me”

View his post below:

See how some social media users reacted…

@MissusKue; If Baba gained 70K after investing 40K in 2 weeks, that means Baba was expecting about 2.6M from 1.5M from the sale of his car. Baba is what again?

@jagabanthai said; Ponzi scheme is not hard in a country filled with unproductive people that want to live the best life.

But @michael_asah countered him; Not entirely true, rich and productive white folks fall for internet mail scam and other fraudulent schemes deviced by ‘yahoo boys’ to defraud their victims. I believe GREED is the word.

@JemeelS; He has only paid his school fees. He needs no sympathy

@doothom3; The moment I was added to one and they did give away, though it dint concern me, then I saw on status pay 50k and get… I don’t complete it I just deleted the group instantly

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