Man jumps into late friend’s grave and requests to be buried with him (Video)

A Ghanaian man devastated by the death of his friend created a scene when he asked to be buried with him during the funeral rites.

In a video which surfaced on the internet, he jumped into the deceased man’s grave and sat on the coffin.

He was said to have requested that they bury him with the friend and some of the grave diggers started to pour sand on him.

The heartbroken friend still could not believe that their guy was gone and he sat there for a few moments before someone tried to force him to lie down on the casket.

But he seemed to have a rethink after sometime and stood up to help the others cover the grave with sand.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, chino_jefe said; they drunk off mourning and can’t hold their loss, mean while sitting on the dead’s won’t bring them back. respect the grave site and move along, peace.

ambissy; I no dey put mouth for something wey no dey concern me

olatunde_89; He even fit be the killer , not judging but this is purely character of amoniseni

shorthommie; Make them just use the sand cover the guy finish too, Cos what’s this foolery ?

angelicseer_tarotreal; Gosh I cried .. pls don’t be too attached to people and things and earth everyone will die ❤️❤️❤️❤️ rip to your friend

thereal_shubbygram; This is Ghana i guess, so what i heard about their graves is true. Jeeez.