Man jubilates as his aunt who contested for Bayelsa HOA seat loses

A Nigerian man, simply known as Okara has taken to social media to celebrate after his aunt who was vying for a legislative seat in Bayelsa lost to her opponent.

He said the woman was contesting for House of Assembly seat to represent Bayelsa LEA under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but it was won by the candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

Okara said she was running for a third term in office and the community was happy that she lost because they are tired of her.

He wrote; “Sweet news I heard today. My aunty going for her 3rd term in Bayelsa lea House of Assembly lost to a younger man in APGA. She’s in PDP. The entire constituency was tired of her. She should go and rest or do farming.”

Reacting, @D_goodybag said; If she is from Bayelsa, she can do fishing.

@MsAdannaya; I hope it’s also The same Auntie Pere talked about yesterday 😂😂…

Okara responded; If we know the same Auntie Pere, then she’s definitely the one. Won’t call her name here. Dem don already report me for village but who cares 😂. APGA all the way!!!

In other news, a honest Nigerian man passed off on a chance to be over one million naira richer after money was mistakenly credited to his account.

The guy known as @KingOpeOfAbj on Twitter said 1,900 BUSD equivalent to N1.4 million was deposited into his Bitcoin wallet and he had the thought of using the money to celebrate this December.

He said he thought of booking flight to Lago immediately and commence steady ‘balling’ with the money. However, he had a change of heart because he later realised that it was not miracle money.

He wrote; Earlier today someone mistakenly deposited 1900 busd to my Wallet, that’s like N1.4m, lots of thoughts came in like Abi na December miracle money ni, make I rush book my Lagos flight go do 2weeks balling back to back with 1.4m.

but then I knew… It was NO miracle money, this is definitely someone’s hard earn money and it’s December, what if it was my money?

I mean it could someone’s whole year savings so i decided to leave it while waiting to be contacted by the owner or customer service which happened this evening. It was fully refunded. Well… guess I won’t be oppressing nobody in Lagos this December.