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Man gives shocking reply as his girlfriend asks him to sell his car and give her the money



A Nigerian man has narrated how his friend reacted after his girlfriend asked him to sell his car for her sake.

According to the social media user, Faruq Bashar, the girlfriend randomly told his friend to sell his car and give the money to her.

But the guy gave a savage response which shocked her. He said she should go and get a refund from whoever supplied her the Kayanmata she tried using on him.

Faruq wrote;

”This girl my guy is having a thing with just randomly told him to sell his car and give her the money while looking into his eyes, she was shocked when he replied saying she should go and get a refund from her kayamata plug”

CorrectNG compiled some reactions as seen below..

@H_Hanz0; The Kayanmata fit get high latency. Don’t be surprised if he later sell am. After like 7 working days.

@hoelistic_nigga; Na kayamata customer care you dey work abi? The girl don complain to una

@Lifted43; She dey try compel your guy she no know say the guy dey drink vervain

@Damonosaivbie; She wan do Mother Confessor. She nor know say na him be the true seeker

@chybykeVII; Reason I advise men to know a thing or two about spirituality. Make person no use your destiny play ping pong.

@Josh_bolu; Not even a thing or two… but as large as you can know.. Most of this girls have gone deep and knowing a thing or two might not do.

@NabilahKabir2; She should get refund of that juju eyeliner dem give her

@DifferentOrish1; How you know say an eyeliner?

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