Man gives lady N30 as transport back to her state for not allowing him to touch her

A Nigerian lady, Christina, has narrated how her friend was left stranded and humiliated after traveling to visit a guy.

She left her city to link up with him for the first time as they’ve been chatting for a while, however, on getting to his place, he asked that they get intimate but she declined.

Throughout the night, he made moves to touch her, but the lady refused to let that happen, so he decided to drive her to the park the next morning.

The shocking part of what happened is that he put 30 naira inside an envelope and handed it to the girl before biding her goodbye but she did not know how much was inside.

When she checked and saw one N20 note and a single N10 note, she put a call across to him, but got to discover that he had blocked her.

According to the friend who shared the story, the agreement was for her to pay while coming to his place and he will handle the fare when she is going back, but due to her refusal to succumb to his request of intimacy, he decided to give her a ridiculous sum.

Christina wrote; “My friend traveled to visit this guy and when it was night he tried to touch her but she refused. This morning he drove her to the park, handed her an envelope and zoomed off.

Only for her to open the envelope and saw 30 naira, a 20 naira and 10 naira note. Immediately, she picked up her phone and tried call him but this guy had blocked her everywhere.

She paid while she was going and they agreed he would be the one to pay for her tfare back home.”

In entertainment news, Afrobeats singer, Iyanya has narrated how his team spent millions of naira trying to feature American-Trinidadian singer, Nicki Minaj.

The artiste revealed that at the peak of his career between 2012 and 2014, he and Triple MG Boss, Ubi Franklin made moves to collaborate with Nicki. He said after Kukere was released and became a massive hit; they pondered over the next big song.

According to Iyanya, his music producer, D’Tunez modified the beat for Kukere and they used it to create ‘Your Waist’ which also received huge airplay.

He said that he and Ubi Franklin decided to take the song international and it was agreed that Nicki Minaj should be featured on the remix.

That was how they started reaching out to people and they were able to get the connect to meet the Super Bass crooner.

The singer revealed that they flew out to Atlanta to arrange a meeting with Nicki per the feature and were informed that it would cost $200,000 to get her on a track.

Iyanya said they contacted many people for financial assistance, but they were only able to raise $70,000 and Nicki’s management said it would not suffice.

He explained that the money they spent on transport and other miscellaneous while trying to meet her amounted to 23,000 dollars which was about 4 million naira in 2013.

The budding singer said they eventually returned to Nigeria after an unsuccessful outing.

The Like hit maker wrote; “So kukere was so massive we did all we could to get it out there and then came the pressure of the next single. We had “Flavour” already produced and recorded but for some reason we felt it wasn’t the next single after kukere.

On one beautiful morning we decided to remake “Kukere” and turn it into a new song that became “Ur waist” Bigups to @Therealdtunes changed everything and we recorded “Ur waist” and we were clear that was the next single.

Ur waist was so massive we decided it should go international and we needed the right artiste to help with that journey. @ubifranklin1 suggested Nicki Minaj and I asked how we’re gonna pay for that, he laughed and said “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”