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Man gives his girlfriend bread to eat only for her to see iPhone inside (Video)



A young man surprised his girlfriend with a new iPhone 8 plus instead of the iPhone 7 she wished for, and he packaged it inside a loaf of bread much to her surprise.

In a video posted on social media, the man put the new smartphone inside a big loaf of bread he had cut and gave it to his girlfriend.

He asked her and other people in the house to eat it together with the soft drink that he bought because she has not eaten bread they they met.

She was initially hesitant about eating the bread but when others started cutting pieces of it, she joined.

However, it was not until they had eaten deep into the bread that the iPhone was discovered by another girl, who playfully claimed it as her own.

When the man eventually gave her the iPhone 8 plus, she expressed gratitude and hugged him.

To watch the video HERE

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