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Man gets heartbroken after he visited his girlfriend’s office on Valentine’s Day, was told that she did not show up but when he called her, she said she’s at the office



A man met the shock of his life when he went to visit his girlfriend at work on February 14 but discovered that she did not resume that day.

A Twitter user known as Catch vibe shared the story on the micro-blogging social media platform.

The man reportedly visited his girlfriend’s office on Valentine’s day to surprise her with flowers but on getting there, he was told she did not resume work. However, he attempted to call her for confirmation but she informed him that she’s at the office.

@IamCatchvibe who narrated the incident and shared a photo of the man leaving her office, wrote: “Boyfriend went to the girlfriend’s workplace to surprise her with flowers

Girl wasn’t at work. He called her, girl said she is at work.
But everyone including the manager told him, she didn’t come to work Man if leaving, heartbroken, stressed..

“Think about it..Your own woman, you been dating for years. Staying the same place with, Oneday she wakes up saying she is going to work

You then there and the boss says SHE IS NOT HERE. NEVER BEEN HERE TODAY.

You call her ” baby, where are you

Her : Iam at work my love”

See his tweet:

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