Man extorted by SARS officials shares his experience, reveals details of bank account they used in receiving money from him

Man extorted by SARS officials shares his experience, reveals details of bank account they used in receiving money from him

A Nigerian man identified as Ilesanmi Adeyemi has taken to his Twitter account, @anapz10, to narrate his experience with SARS officers who allegedly accosted him on his way to the US embassy, detained him and threatened to make him miss his appointment if he didn’t give them money.

In a Twitter thread where he shared proof of a cash transaction he made to regain his freedom, he wrote;

I wonder if there is still any hope for this country, I got my own share of the SARS intimidation & arrazement last week Mon. June10. Close to d front of d US [email protected] VI, lagos I came down from d keke, as I was making my way into d embassy, I was stopped and accosted by 3 SARS guys, they asked me ‘who are u’ i identified myself through my work id card I was carrying & I explained to them I have an appointment at d us embassy in the next 27mins. Suddenly one of them shouted ‘we would delay u and make u miss ur appointment if u don’t cooperate.

At this point i was confused, like how else am I suppose to respond or cooperate? The same guy that shouted came close to me and snatched my folder containing my docs n dragged me into their van. I was still shocked n surprised.. So they drove to nearby police post.

I kept reminding them I can’t afford to miss my appointment which is in like 10mins, the SARS guys knowing how important my appointment is held on to my docs & said they won’t release it to me until I settle them with #200,000 @ this point I was speechless and in more shock.

I kept checking my time n reminding them abt my appointment.. To cut d story short..1 of them called me aside n said he knows how important this my appointment is that I shld not jeopardise my chance @ d embassy, he said ‘how much u get’ , told him I only have 2k cash with me.

For d sake of my appointment @ the embassy I was made to make a fund transfer of N35,000 into one them. Name; Blessing Macklon, Access bank, 0763903325, before my docs were released to me, I got back to d embassy late but was still able to meet up.

This is not d Nigeria of our dream..this is not d Nigeria we all hope to boost of… I won’t rest until I get down this person I av d details. I work in a bank..that’s y I was able to dig more details The recipient of the #35,000 is a female and d details are below.

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    Justus sunday 6 months ago

    Go to the nearest National human right commission,Mr Ojukwu is right on them. Copy the IGP and the governor of Lagos state.

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    So terrible, I can’t just believe this upon all warning give to this people and all there ogas are trying by warning them o, anyway not all off them that is not good.