Man expresses regret as girlfriend who stopped him from doing fraud ends up with Yahoo boy

A young man identified as @imbrakoby on Twitter has expressed regret for listening to his ex-girlfriend who prevented him from going into Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud).

The reason he’s in pain and regret is because he discovered that the same lady ended up dating a Yahoo boy.

Recounting what happened, he said he was already in the learning process as he had gotten pictures, bought VPN logs and every tool needed to start, but she threatened to leave him.

Out of love, he decided not to proceed any more, however, years after they ended their relationship, he saw her having fun with her Yahoo boyfriend abroad.

@imbrakoby wrote; “This girl threatened to break up with me when she realized I was learning fraud. I bought logs for a VPN, got pictures, and all that, but because of love, I stopped. Fast forward to 2023; we are no more, but guess what? She is chilling with a fraud boy in Dubai.”

Social media users warned him of the dangers of openly talking about his abandoned desire to become a fraudster.

See the post:

@nwa_anambra; Things you guys tweet for clout until you want to Japa and it comes hunting you, that’s if the authorities don’t come for you before then. If there is a time to delete this tweet, it’s now

@Uhriemefe; I can’t advise you to be a criminal because there are other ways to improve your life if you are patient enough and have the resources to use them. But you dated a hypocrite, a liar and you should be very glad that God delivered you from her and becoming a Criminal.

@skinisblack; Fr there are a tons of ways to make money aside Fraud Why is yahoo always the first thing that comes to y’all heads ffs??? The problem is people these days want easy and fast money and life doesn’t work that way!

@kvng_baff; @AKATAMANSONIAN1; Bro I wish you could edit this tweet. It is very dangerous and put you on 🚩. Can you delete it as it contain things which is risky.

@afrifakwaku; You should have said this in Twi. This is a dangerous tweet. You know you just gave a gist of how it’s done. Sorry Bro. Never again. Fear women.

In related news a young Nigerian man took to social media to share his downward transformation years after joining Yahoo Yahoo (internet fraud).

He posted a throwback video of him making a promise to social media followers that he’ll start doing yahoo and become a big baller in three years time.

”Give me 3 years, I don join Yahoo and work go soon pay me plz,” he said.

However, the fraudulent business did not pay him as expected because up till today he is yet to make it big.

Another part of the clip showed the yahoo boy in his present state and there was no upgrade in his appearance or lifestyle.

He lamented that Yahoo did not favour him and begged for another three years so that he can learn tailoring.

The young man wrote; E don red ooo, yahoo no favor me, u fit give me another 3 years to learn tailoring.

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