Man expresses disappointment at his dad for forgiving his mom after she cheated

An African man has revealed that he discovered his mother cheated on his father and he took her back after forgiving.

The guy known as @Vhoyde on Twitter said he discovered that the said infidelity happened before he was born.

According to him, ever since he heard that his father forgace his mum, he’s never looked at him with respect.

He noted that he believes a woman’s unfaithfulness is an unforgivable act and he expected his dad to have broken up with his mum.

Vhoyde wrote; “I found out my dad took my mom back after cheating and I never looked at him the same again. Soft. I wasn’t even born yet but I still think he should’ve left her

I’ve always believed that a woman cheating is worse and should never be forgiven. Thank you for validating this”

When a tweep asked if he would feel the same way were the roles reversed and it was his father who cheated, he said no. The guy said tradition expects his mum to stay

@MampuruKatleho wrote; But you’d expect your mom to stay after your dad cheated?

@Vhoyde replied; Yes. As is tradition

In other news, a Nigerian lady known as @wickedsous on Twitter, has opened up on the gifts she is hoping to receive from any generous man on February 14 (Valentine’s Day).

She said the first gesture which would be appreciated on or before that day is getting money for two years house rent.

The young woman stated this in reaction to a tweep @DunsDoesitAll who asked an open question that read; “What do you want for Valentine’s Day?”

In response, @wickedsous mentioned house rent as the first and generating set as the second item.

She also looks forward to getting an ipad, N1 million, two industrial machines and to top it up, a bouquet of flowers.

“2 years house rent. Generator. An iPad. Two industrial sewing machines. 1million naira. I’ll collect flowers too. Pls don’t insult me they said what do I want. what if I ask and I receive,” she wrote.