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Man excitedly recounts how a Nigerian lady pampered him on their first date, settled the bills and gave him transport fare



A Nigerian man identified as @jayythedope on Twitter has narrated how he met a lady who he vibed with and on their first outing, she settled the bills.

The man who was evidently excited, referred to her as a Queen while narrating his story from the beginning.

In his words: “I actually went for a friend’s wedding, I was suited 🕴Smiling face with sunglasses so I was feeling myself big time. On my way back home I took a bus. Sitting next to me was this pretty lady who had a free spirit & cute smile. We started chatting in no time cos she was the outgoing type.

A thread

‘We did a lot of introduction, The conversation was so sweet that I had to pass my bus stop just to talk a lil more. I paid her transport fare so we got down at the same bus stop, we exchanged contacts. I told her I needed to get something in that area, we hugged, surprisingly

“It was late already, she took a bike home and I had to run to the park to get a bus back.

“Got home, took my shower and had dinner. So I gave her a call before going to bed (Some girls voice will make your boxers get wet for no reason, too angelic omg)

“We talked til MTN alerted me that ‘my account balance is getting low’ Those network providers don’t even know the right time to come in. I had to end the conversation saying I needed to rest. It was Goodnight-Goodnight, dream about me talks & she wouldn’t stop laughing>>>>>Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesFace throwing a kissFace throwing a kiss

“Next morning, I dropped a text. She responded at noon saying she been busy all day. I couldn’t argue or doubt her cos her energy been positive. We got closer day by day all through the week.

“I paid attention like it was a currency, I guess she enjoyed my company to

“She started calling me at least 5 times in a day. She doesn’t wait for me to hit her up before she rings my phone. I didn’t take any of these things for granted tho. I call too, & return calls when necessary. She’d try to come up with dry jokes, I know you ain’t funny dear

“So it was Friday, I gave her a call to check up on her, she then suggested we go on a date the next day being Saturday (All bills on her), God knows she had me laughing til we got done. We later talked on whatsapp after the call, She came up with a game called Truth or Dare

“She dared me to send my bank details which I did but I was only daring her to do nasty things which I enjoyed Smiling face with smiling eyesFace savouring foodFace savouring food

“It was Saturday morning, I was tryna do the regular home chores, it’s really gonna be a stressful day for me, tf

“I grabbed my phone but to my biggest surprise, she sent me my transport fare like wtf? I never knew girls like this exist. We met later at night, She did all as promised & I did surprise her immediately after the date. She got X2 of all she spent & I was willing to do more

“Some women should be called WOMEN and not women. A Queen I Stan.”

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