Man dumps girlfriend of 12 years because ‘we aren’t spiritually compatible’

A man has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend after 12 years of dating because he found out that they are not spiritually compatible for marriage.

The story was shared by a Twitter user, @ifeomatess who said that after ending the relationship he chose to marry another lady he’s known for six months.

According to the narrator, the lady and her man have been dating since she was 18 years old and she’s now 30 years and heartbroken as a result of the development.

@ifeomatess wrote; “Imagine dating someone since you were 18 and now that you’re 30 and thought marriage is the next step, he married someone he met 6 months ago. See, this is how y’all create a monster because where do you want her to start from? 12yrs of her life…some men are evil!

Please if you know you and your family like to go to spiritual places to check spouse compatibility, try dey do am in the talking stage because I don’t understand why you’ll wait for 12yrs to check that. Stop wasting people’s time and yours too.”

Read some comments below…

@_Adaolysa; This dating someone for a long period of time often times is bad news. It’s either they marry someone else or they marry and divorce less than 1 year. I do not advice a woman to spend a long time dating.

@Prettyshirley; I always advice women. Relationship is not a degree. You can’t remain in one indefinitely. Set goals for yourself, see the trajectory of whatever relationship you are in and make the best choice for you. Why be in one relationship for 5,7, 10 or even 12 years?

@EgbeahieS; I always tell people that of you are not ready to get married in the next two years,don’t go into a relationship.

@BossmanOfLaygos; You dey date person for 12 years? You collect Bsc, MSc, phd plus employment letter for the relationship.

@missybennyy; if a man ever has to choose between you and his happiness, he’ll let you go without a second thought regardless of how long y’all have been together or what u bring to the table, And he won’t feel bad about it.

@AguohaGrace; I dated mine for 5 years did introduction after introduction my guy go give woman belle talk say I say he Dey impotent like say I be doctor abi I be God,now the pikin no be him own

@anyasidanny; What if the person he dated for 6months and married have been disappointed by the one who dated her for 12 years. Let her learn and move on… no body owes her nothing. It is a relationship and not apprenticeship

@soles_feranmi; I don’t care 🤷🏾‍♂️ you’re a bad person if you do this to anyone, and pls don’t come at me with “what if she has a bad character or whatnot” he should have left her alone with her bad character 6-24months in. That’s almost half of her life wasted away.

@AnuoluwapoSisi; This happened to a friend tho hers was that the husband family said she must conceive after introduction, they said before they can do wedding that’s how they scattered!!!! Tho she’s married now to another man anyways after like few years later.