Man dumps girlfriend because she insisted he’ll reimburse her for paying the bill

A South African man has revealed that he ended his relationship with his girlfriend because of how she chose to handle a bill payment situation.

The guy known as @ArtificialSteez took her out to a fast-food restaurant but he claimed to have forgotten his card at home.She offered to pay for what they ordered but demanded that he will refund the money to her later.

He said that he refused to accept that agreement because it was the first time he was seeing her bank account being that he often pays the bill.

According to him after he declined, his girlfriend decided to only pay for her own order and it was at that moment he knew that the relationship could not continue.

He wrote: ”Lmao we were at Chicken Licken I forgot my card at my place n she said she’ll pay but I must refund her. I refused cuz this is the first time I even saw her bank card, she then said she’ll only buy for herself ke. I said bet🤷🏽‍♂️💀😂”

Meanwhile in other news…

A Nigerian lady simply known as Oyindamola has taken to Twitter to reveal how she played a guy who wanted her to cook at his place.

She said she was visiting him for the first time and he gave her the house key as well as money to buy food stuff. According to her, the man asked her to come back the next day and use to money to buy meat and pepper which she would use to cook before he comes back from work.

However, she decided to go back home because she was not comfortable with the idea of cooking, so she dropped his house key under the mattress and on her way back, she used the cash to buy food for herself instead of returning it to him.

Oyindamola wrote; ”I visited this guy for the first time and he gave me his house key and money 😂😂he said I should come the second day and buy pepper and meat so I can cook before he gets back from work 💀😂 dropped the key under his mattress and used the money to buy food on my way home.”

@emaryomeke; This is how some people miss intentional men, he probably saw you as someone he can end up with, you think is Everyman that will let you in their space and even want to eat your food.

@Tee_Classiquem1; Nothing is funny here, he gave you his house key and money to cook for him probably out of trust or something, it won’t take you anything to tell him you ain’t cooking for him and reject his money, coming here to post it on twitter with plenty laugh emojis is what i don’t get

@Ugobeck; He could be playing a loyalty test on you. If he is not,then he got some level of trust in you. A good conversation is clearly missing here. I see assumptions in conclusion without a conversation.

@BelMamacita; Loyalty test?? Dating wasn’t involved! And I told him several times that I’m not cooking, he didn’t listen. It almost became an argument! How will you trust someone you are seeing for the second time and you’ve only known for a week with your house key??