Man dumps fiancée over her bitter comment after he failed to buy her a wig

A Nigerian man simply known as Ekene, has narrated how wig caused the end of his relationship with a woman he was engaged to marry.

He said she asked him to buy her a wig and he told her that he did not have the funds, but her response left him in a state of deep thought.

According to the civil engineer, she said as long as he kept “maltreating” her by denying her wants, God will keep doing same to him.

Ekene said he thought about how a future with her as his wife would be and made the tough decision to breakup with her.

In his words; “A woman I was dating and engaged asked me to purchase a wig for her. I told her I didn’t have the resources for it at the moment.

She looked me in the eye with bitterness and told me as long as I kept “maltreating” her by denying her wants, God will keep doing same to me. I stood up from the bed at that moment, had my bath and went to work.

I spent the whole day in introspection. I projected 10 years into the future and I didn’t see any see any scenario I was going to have a supportive human as a wife or be really happy if I didn’t constantly renew my subscription with her. I had to let her go for good.

It was an extremely though decision as we had gone really far with preps to spending together for a lifetime but I knew that lifetime will be hell if I eventually sealed it. 2023 taught me a-lot and I will rather stay single or a baby daddy than settle for nonsense.”