Man drags girlfriend online after seeing huge amount in her bank account (Video)

A young man has taken to social media to call out his girlfriend after finding out the amount of money that’s in her bank account.

He expressed disbelief and fumed in a trending video about how his lover got such huge amount of money being that he rarely asks him for money for anything.

The Nigerian man said that whenever she wants to visit him at his house, she users e-ride services and books it with her own fund.

Man drags girlfriend online after seeing huge amount in her bank account

What baffled him more is that his girlfriend occasionally cooks food for him with her cash, and sorts her other bills by herself without bothering him.

He concluded that another man must have been funding her lifestyle and giving her the money she spends on herself and him. He reiterated how he checked his girlfriend’s account balance only to see figures that left his head reeling with confusion.

Watch video below:

In reaction, stella_joshua_; Everything just dey funny for this internet today😂😂😂

realkachi_; 😂😂Why is this so funny 😆.. she ask problem, she no ask problem.. please what exactly do you guys want ?

sun_of_ugwu; If girl like you a lot she no go bill you unnecessarily

iamjunecode; Make we bill,abi make we no bill????

anuli110; She love you sir😂😂😂😂 she is bringing something to the table

luvmeemiee_; Ahh God…What do men really want?? 😂…

bukkycole_; You people need to make up your mind , should we bill you or should we not bill you , Una Dey confuse person😂

az_weddings_photography; Oga na u be the woman,just be of good behavior so that she can marry u😂😂

tony_max_96; Me now as a guy if u bill me , u do just end my life right now

iamlayo; Enemy of progress. Does not have families?

unfollowtasha; why will you go to someone’s bank app cuz you re dating him/her🙄you be tiff abeg😂

ibe5.6; Na sugardaddies normally dey run am for Una wives and girlfriends… Your fellow married man is funding your wife on a low-key

mahtildah_; Men that never gives because she doesn’t ask🚩🚩🚩🚩

ib_nicholas; This wan na people way Dey relationship problem make I just find cold 🥶 water drink mind my business.