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Man dragged to court by his baby mama over child support insists on leaving her, says a rich woman wants to marry him (Video)



A Nigerian lady recently dragged her baby daddy to Judging Matters court over child support payment which he has not been paying.

Speaking to the in-house host, Ebuka, the lady claimed that her man only sent her N10,000 and ever since he has not supported their child’s upkeep.

When asked why he chose not to cater for his child, the young man said he lost his job in 2020 and is unable to contribute the child support as expected.

He said he intends to get and the woman that wants to marry him has money.

On what he would do for the child in the interim before getting a job, he said he has been doing his part when he had a job, but his baby mama would have to take over.

He, however, said that he intends to come back later to collect the child, and when Ebuka asked him how he intends to cater for the child, he would have gotten a new job.

Watch video HERE

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