Man finds out after buying Valentine’s gift that his girlfriend has been cheating

A man has been left heartbroken after finding out that his woman whom he’s been working hard to provide for, is cheating on him.

His friend who shared the story via @chroniczaza on Twitter, said the lady has been unfaithful since September last year and he only just discovered on Valentine’s Day.

According to him, the man has been doing multiple gigs, as a delivery guy, selling illicit substances (weed), just to get enough money buy her a Loius Vuitton bag and to get her tickets to Rollin Loud music festival for Valentine.

He wrote; “So my dawg been hustling tryna show out for his girl on V day. Nigga been selling weed, driving For Doordash, all that 😂 bro got her a LV bag and tickets to rolling loud. Yesterday he found out the bxxch been cheating since September last year… smh. Stay woke fellas 🤫”

Meanwhile in another news…

Big Brother Naija 2020 contestant, Dorathy Bachor has revealed that she finds out her man cheated, she will pay him back by also cheating.

The reality TV star said she is big on loyalty but if her lover decides to be unfaithful, her best line of action would be to reciprocate the gesture.

According to Dorathy, ”nobody is going anywhere” so she will not end the relationship like many people do, rather she would make her man understand the pain of doing something like that to someone you love.

She said; “I am more of a loyalist. I can be talking to multiple people but when I am with you, I am with you.I am always open, and I always want my partner to be open with me.

Tell me everything. But, if you cheat on me, I will cheat back. You are mine, I am yours; nobody is going anywhere. We are in there together. But, don’t do things to me that you wouldn’t want me to do to you.”

The 26-year-old entrepreneur also talked how she handles communications between her and the man in her life. She explained that it must be a two-way thing as she expects her partner to give her the same energy she puts into the relationship.