Man discovers his father secretly had 2 kids and hid 3 of them from each other for 25 years

A man has taken to social media to share a shocking story about how he found out that he has two siblings from the same father.

The young man known as @kasi_Irving had first revealed in December 2018 that woman said he looks like her son and he wondered if the man was his brother.

He tweeted; ”Some random lady just told me I look like her son, knowing how wild my dad is that nigga might just be my brother”

Fast-forward to December 2022, and he gave an update that he just discovered the guy is his sibling. However, that was not all as he disclosed that he also found another brother whom his father had with another woman.

According to Kasi, the man kept three of them away from each other since birth and they were only getting to know about themselves after 25 years.

He wrote; ”This nigga is unbelievable 😭😭😭 I’m too old to learn about a new sibling, let alone 2 in one day 😭

This nigga really hid us from each for 25+ years, I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified.”

In reaction, @MadQueenLady commented; If men could get pregnant, maternity fraud go surplus. See comments na. Chai

@KanyaJ_; Yeah, my dad is not far from this either. We’re 9 from 7 different mothers

@KwandaMkhungo; Oh please that random lady probably knew about you the entire time, she was acting 🤚🏾😭

@Village_boy7; You could have found out 4 years ago but you chose not to ask the important question

@AudreyMashapa; She was trying to plant the idea so he could investigate further and get to the truth but he missed it

@zeuz_hades; 😂 true story on my mama. A guy chatted me up on Facebook and I joking said damn you look like my dad. He laughed and we continued chatting fast forward to fathers days he posted the same pic of my dad I posted. I was like the f**k, messaged him and said wait what? He said he thought I knew.

I was like how was I supposed to? PS I was 31 then and he was 27. I called my dad and he also said he thought I knew. I almost said “yea because I was there the night you planted the seed” but African home training no let me.