Man disappoints his ex-girlfriend after she cried to him about her husband

A man identified as Mura Karuiki has opened up on how he his married ex-girlfriend confided in him about her marital problems.

He said that the woman, who is now a mother of two complained about her husband’s habit of drinking and staying out late at night.

Mura said he told her that she should be grateful she still has a husband because many woman are not as lucky

According to him, ever since he gave her the advise to appreciate her marriage, she refused to reach out to him.

@Murakariuki wrote; “I had a conversation with an ex who’s now married with 2 kids. She thinks she does everything to make her husband happy, and can’t understand why he’s always out late drinking and all the other things they complain about. I looked her in the eye and told her ‘you are extremely lucky that you still have a husband, and should take it with all the gratitude in the world. Because I know you, and it would be an immense sacrifice for any man to live with you’

And went ahead to explain why in detail. She has never spoken to me since 😂 The assertion that a woman is doing everything to make the husband happy comes from the woman. They never circle around to ask whether what they are doing is actually making the man happy. They think ‘this would make me happy, it will definitely make him happy’ then goes ahead

And buys him a birthday cake, while rudely talking to him in front of his peers. Men are stuck in mind bogglingly stressful marriages with women who think they are doing the most to make it work, while all they are doing is refusing to listen to the man and insisting that he Will be happy only if he agrees to see things from her perspective and doing the things she considers important.

He despises himself for the whimp he’s been turned into, but every echo around him tells him he’s to blame for everything. The woman is always right. That is being trapped in hell, and that’s where a lot of married men are. The only respite they have is the love and adoration from their kids. It keeps them sane and going. They can’t walk away from the only humans who treat them like the heroes they are.”