Man devastated as he finds out that his son is actually his uncle

A middle-aged man recently made the shocking discovery that his child does not belong to him, but to his grandfather.

He took to TikTok to reveal how he found out that his son is actually his uncle while shedding tears uncontrollably.

In the video, he narated how So how his grandfather invited him and his girlfriend to stay with him, and during that time, she ended up having an affair with the elderly man.

She got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy which her boyfriend thought was his own. The heartbroken man also hinted that his grandfather has done something like that before.

In a different video he revealed how he found out, saying his girlfriend’s phone kept pinging so he checked to see what was going on and saw the texts were from his grandfather.

Then he saw lots of messages from his grandad including pictures and explicit materials.

“Can’t believe I expected more from a man that had a whole other family around the corner from my granny house,” he said.

Despite the discovery, he however, said he wants to be a part of his son/uncle’s life but also wondered why his grandfather would hurt him in such manner.

A TikTok user said; I’m so sorry for you, I know it seems dark now. Get some time away for yourself. You didn’t deserve this, but there is someone else out there for you.

Don’t stop loving that young man, it’s your time to stand tall in all this. Break the cycle and love that boy, regardless of what title he has.