Man damages Range Rover windshield after seeing his girlfriend with the driver (Video)

A chaotic scene which was captured on tape shows a man acting out of anger after catching his girlfriend with someone else.

The boyfriend smashed a 2018 Range Rover windscreen when he spotted the person who drove the car with his babe.

There was a brief moment of argument between the two men before the girl’s boyfriend picked up a big stone and used it to smash the car’s glass.

Bystanders were forced to intervene when the exchange was beginning to escalate to a point of physical contact.

The owner of the Range Rover was very furious and wanted to start fighting the guy but people held them back.

After the back and forth, he hopped into his car with man’s girlfriend and drove off with her despite what caused the scene and and outcome.

Watch the video:

In reaction, @emmysteven_ said; The broken windscreen is a perfect replica of how broken his heart is. Glad he didn’t break their heads. 🥹

@AnaDeCouture; It’s the ending leaving with ranger guy for me🤣🤣😂

@kgbmole; She’s no longer within the range of his rover 😭😭

@lelerostand; 😹😹😹 he don’t know the price of this glass 🤒🤒 because of woman ? No me ohh omo go with here please

@Onyeani_Kalu; Consequences of fallen in love with someone who is not in love with you and spending your little hard earned money on her trying to please her while depriving yourself and family , such leads a man to do this.

@seunsocials; As a man, why would you even fight another man because of a woman? After all the show, the babe follow Range Rover and he will still pay for repairs (if the owner decides to take it up). Lol

@arsenalbabe_; Looks scripted to me. What came to mind; Range Rover windshield already had a crack & due to be replaced & they decided to act with it before the replacement.

If not, the guy who broke the windshield should be arrested. The other guy won’t just drive away like that! No way!