Man commits suicide after his wife donated their entire earnings to church

A 45-year-old Malawian man, Rex Kondwani, has hanged himself after his wife took the sum of K12,000 which they earned from gardening work and donated it to a church.

According to local reports, the incident took place on Wednesday, September 6 in Muwalo village, Thyolo District in Malawi.

Senior superintendent of Masambanjati Police, George Kaleso released a statement confirming the suicide.

Kaleso said the couple was engaged to do gardening piecework and was paid K12,000 which was kept by the wife.

“Yesterday, when Mr. Kondwani asked for his share, the wife told him she had donated the money to their local church,” he said.

According to him, the woman’s revelation led to a heated argument between the couple. Sadly, the man was later found hanging from the roof of the church where the money was donated.

Meanwhile in other news…

A Nigerian man who attends the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, recently announced that he resigned his membership following the management’s silence in the face of violence, rigging and other anomalies that occurred during the 2023 general election.

He had earlier vowed to leave the church if the leadership fails to take a stand in calling out the ruling APC for flying with a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket and for allegedly unleashing violence and rigging during the election.

The church member known as @jnr_lambo said he also collected the equipment he donated to the church in fulfilment of a warning he issued.

He had written on 20th February; “Dear RCCG.

I want to categorically state that if you remain silent in this existential & defining elections of Nigeria till election day and don’t make your stand known I’ll arrogantly resign my membership and I’ll take with me the sound equipment and lighting I donated. I cannot serve God under a hypocrite congregation, I have written to the church several times the body of Christ deserve bold men who will stand up for the truth not this drama you are displaying what is the use of the political department you rushed to create during primaries.”

Fast-forward to March 21, few days after the conclusion of the governorship election, he said that he donated the sound and lighting instruments to a smaller church.

He wrote; Although I was bashed initially for this tweet, but now I’m glad everyone has seen RCCG for who it’s. And yes I took away all the sound and lighting instruments which I donated, alongside the 24 chairs.

The small church was put under pressure not to receive the equipment’s. But they Holy spirit gave them courage and they saw above the intimidation by members of RCCG, and now they’ve used the equipment to the Glory of God for the past 2 Sundays.

God has also tremendously increase their membership size by 3 times its usual. Some of which are RCCG member’s who saw the light, and left with me. Indeed, I have promised them that for speaking out against the Muslim Muslim ticket. My business will be giving 10% of our earnings to them for the next 2 month’s.

The church needed to be plastered, I will be doing that for them as well before next sunday’s service. And their prayer’s has been so helpful to my personal life and to my business. I must add.