Man caught trying to use eggs to smuggle drugs to his friend in prison

A Ghanaian man has landed in troubled waters after he tried to provide some ”contraband” relief to his friend who is incarcerated.

Officials of Ghana Prisons Service arrested him while he attempted to smuggle hard drugs believed to be cannabis into Nsawam Medium Security Prison, Ghana.

He found a way to package the drugs into eggs and sealed them back to look like they have never been broken. The suspect then put the eggs in a crate and visited Nsawam prison, saying he wanted to give them to his buddie, an inmate.

Unfortunately for him, a prison official who was suspicious decided to break one egg out of curiousity and in the process they found weed inside.

They later broke more of the eggs and discovered that all of them contained the intoxicating substance. The suspect, whose name was not given, was then arrested after being busted.

Ghanaians on social media flooded the timeline with witty and humorous comments in reaction to the development.

@_nunoojunior; Now he wouldnt have to visit again, he’ll always see his friend now. Miracle nor dy taya Jesus.

@mynameis_kofi; the egg seller and poultry farmer should be blamed ..he is innocent

@gbedemah12; Dem for lef your man 🤣🤣 then go catch the fowls wey lay the eggs 😂😂😂

@MarcelSaint2; Good or bad? 😅 Because now he’d be that friend he loves so much.

@iamdreamchaserr; I am sure he is not going back home Is he?

@Madida_DmL; They do it always and I’m sure the reason why he was arrested is may be because it’s either he couldn’t pay a bribe or refused to pay a bribe.
@itsnii_naa; Unnecessary improsonment leading to overcrowdedness in our prisons. If there were some jobs available, these things wouldn’t be on the rise as we see. The main culprits should be the actual source of the “weed” and clamp them down.

@StevenW91559223; Wetin those police people go smoke this thing for the guy front ehn…you go know say illegal things no illegal for everybody.