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Man caught stealing from the office on his first day at work



A newly employed man’s first day at work turned out to be very eventful, but in a negative way.

He was caught stealing a senior colleague’s phone at the office. The new recruit initially denied taking it but he did not know that he had been captured on CCTV camera.

When confronted with a footage of him taking the phone, the man begged and released the phone.

A Twitter user, Opeyemi Babalola shared the story on the microblogging platform.

He wrote; ”How can you steal a phone on your first day at work? haha Real. His trainer went to the other office to print out some documents and before he came back, his phone disappeared!

Thank God there is cctv in the office, when they played the video for him, he started begging and released the phone.

You resumed work today and steal today! Ha!”

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