Man buys two iPhone 15 for girlfriend struggling to decide on a colour (Video)

A thoughtful man has gifted his girlfriend not one, but two brand new iPhone 15 devices because she couldn’t decide on a colour.

In a video shared online by @dr.lindahmuthoni, apparently he had asked her to pick one of the smartphones that she’d like to have, but she struggled to make a decision.

Man buy girlfriend two iPhone 15

There was a black and blue iPhone which she admired and but being that her boyfriend asked her to choose one, she had a tough time because she wanted both.

Rather than wait for her to decide, or watch her struggle to make a decision, the loverboy bought her the two different colours of the same phone with a handwritten note that stated she deserved both.

Man buy two iPhone 15

The note reads; “My Lil Gift,

Since you couldn’t decided on the colour of phone you wanted. I figured a girl like you deserves both. Congrats for 105k.

Love B.G”

Watch video below:

Read some of the comments below,

@wanenakai wrote; Mine would have bought me a phone case to switch colors 😭

@glow wrote; I’m really praying 4 a man that will love me like this🥺🥰

@black_hijaby wrote; Where do y’all find these type enhe?😭😂

@annet wrote; May we find men like this and may those trying hard be blessed.