Man buys his girlfriend iPhone after she cooked, cleaned and swept his house (Video)

A Nigerian man has appreciated his girlfriend with a gift for performing some wifely duties when she visited him.

She spent a night at his place and decided to cook, clean, wash his clothes as well as sweep the house the next morning.

Her boyfriend who was impressed by her actions decided to buy a new IPhone for her as a way of thinking her for all she did.

A video making the rounds online captured the moments his girlfriend did all the domestic chores.

She first swept the house and compound, washed his clothes later and ended up cooking foof for both of them.

When she was done, her man wrote a cheque and handed it to his babe who then used the money to buy an iPhone.

Watch the video below:

alhaji_phantom; Who no like better thing

susan_majek; Everything is levels. This is the best this girl can do, she did it and he rewarded her, but knowing how men are, abroad girl with foreign currency and visa access will show up and bros will ditch this one japa with her no cooking, cleaning, or sweeping needed.

In related news, a Nigerian man, Mayowa Tijani and his siblings have bought a new car for their father in celebration of his 70th birthday.

His dad recently became a septuagenarian when he clocked a new age and to mark the special day, his kids rallied and gifted him a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Mayowa took to his Twitter page and shared photos of the man’s new whip alongside snapshot of WhatsApp chat with his two siblings where they duscussed about that to get their dad.

According the young man, what they were able to accomplish is one of the proudest moments of his life.

He also said that his brother and sister are the ones who brought a bulk share of the contribution for the expensive gift.

He wrote; “My siblings and I had the privilege of buying our father a car. Another project that made it out of the WhatsApp group. This is one of the proudest moment of my adult life. #GratefulFor2022

Special gratitude to my ever-supportive brother and sister @TJ_Olaitan and @dammytj for bringing the lionshare of funds for this to happen. Thank you for 2022. Shout out to @jesseosiobe and Boss Auto for coming through. I’m grateful.”

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