Man brutalises ex-wife for putting marks on their kids

A woman, Mary Olohun has reportedly landed in the hospital after her ex-husband, Keji Ademola brutalised her for putting marks on their children’s head.

It was gathered that Ademola allegedly attacked her on Thursday, January 25 2024 while she was on her way to her shop.

He claimed he saw strange marks on their children’s heads and his ex-wife explained that she put them to fend off spiritual attacks and protect the kids.

A video which surfaced online shows the drama that ensued after an angry Ademola picked up a stone and hit Mary.

Bystanders intervened before the matter escalated, they reportedly restrained Ademola and handed him over to the police.

See video below:

Reacting, do2dtun said; They are both wrong. This is what happens when one party just believes they own the child hence they can make any decisions on them as they choose however this is a little too much in my opinion.

There is no justification for that extent he went. Again, you see children and the decisions on them needs to change cos you will witness more than this as time goes on. One person just can’t make a decision on a child except in extreme cases

carz_gold; If you put mark on my child without my consent…hmmmm e no go funny

suredgram; One minute there is undying love, in a split second, it turns to dreadful hate. May God give us our divine partner in Jesus name. Amen

adrianogabe; This is totally wrong men, he went too far, but why do women think children only belong to them? They don’t even regard the man who got them pregnant, if women want a child to be theirs alone they should look for the kind guy the like pay him for sperm donor and claim the baby for their selves…

Not when you both got baby from making love then you forgot the love that brought the baby and claim it only urs, now you took judge into your own hands and see the repercusion, how will i blame this man now? I don’t really like what the man did but if I think of those kids future and how they will see their faces in future and that of other kids, men it won’t be good idea.