Man breaks up with pretty girlfriend because she cut her hair short

A young lady has recalled being dumped by her boyfriend because she trimmed her silky 7 inches hair into a low cut.

The pretty woman known as @earth2trixy said that she cut it all off in April last year and when she man she was dating saw it, he left because she ‘didn’t look the same anymore’.

She shared her story online in an effort to use it as an example of why women should date men that truly loves them and not just how they look.

The lady who is on the path to healing shared photos of herself on Twitter before the cut the hair and after.

She wrote; “I cut all my hair off and he left me lol ladies please start dating men that actually like you and not just your looks cuz no man that actually loves you cares 😂😂😂

My hair has grown out since then!! (i cut it all off in April) it’s about almost 7 inches of hair (i have a lot of shrinkage) and it WAS supposed to be a growing journey but i think short hair suits me way better so i might keep cutting it”

A tweep @Jackchery3 asked; No way he actual left because of the hair???

@earth2trixy replied; “He absolutely did leave , saying that i didn’t look the same anymore 🙂 i remember once he refused to come and see me because i had took a wig i had on off and would be wearing my short natural hair out.

Read other comments below:

@girl__alive; Looks matter, if a guy wants someone feminine he’s not gonna be attracted to someone who now has a 12 year old boy haircut 😂 I’m a lesbian and would leave too tf.

@earth2trixy; since when did 12 year old boys have finger waves ..? Please show me… quickly !! last time i checked i don’t see men out here with finger waves at all, seems pretty feminine to me meat head

@summer___august; Everyone in here pretending they don’t care what their man looks like

@earth2trixy; when you actually LOVE someone and they make a TEMPORARY change to their self that you may not like, THAT SHOULDNT MATTER 😭😭HAIR GROWS BACK. i didn’t go and get plastic surgery and change the entire way i look.