Man becomes multi-millionaire overnight as he wins N102m on Sporty Bet

A Nigerian punter, Mr. Bayo has broken the bank by way of winning over 100 million naira through sports betting.

He revealed that he won a N42m, N60m, and N14m, amounting to N102 million via a game he played overnight on Sporty Bet.

The man shared snapshots of the slip of the games he played and explaine the type of risk he took to get the win.

He wrote: “WON 102 MILLION NAIRA OVERNIGHT!! Y’all know I’m not a basketball fan. I thought about tactics, tried picking on NCAA, wanted to try first to see if it’s good before putting it out.

“Mixed emotions—winning brings me joy, but doing it together would have been better. Again, this was a trial. Hope we can do it together soon.”

Man win 102million

Meanwhile, in another news…

A former Nigerian banker has taken to social media to lament about his poorly thought out decision to engage in virtual betting.

He revealed that a junior colleague at the bank e worked introduced him to it and he got addicted that he lost his entire savings.

He said; “Sports Betting has ruined my life, i was a banker before a junior colleague introduce me to betting and in less than 4 years have lost everything I was soo addicted that once salary drops will stake all on 2odds right now my marriage is about to collapse my rent is due and am thinking suicide.”

Reacting, @PstJoshuaPaul; Hmmm…my own advice to this person is that he should open up and come out clean to those who are directly affected by his addiction….and he must come to the point of telling himself the honest truth that it is either he stops gambling or gambling would soon stop him.

@NutPexsid; Always remember you’re not bad at betting the team just sucks! And also the money you lost yesterday won’t win itself back.