Man asks girlfriend to pack her bags for cheating on him during their vacation (Video)

An Oyibo man has revealed that he caught his girlfriend cheating on him in the middle of a vacation he sponsored.

In a video posted on social media, the boyfriend asked her to pack her bags and leave for being disrespectfully bold enough to be unfaithful while on a vacation with him.

He found out that she was being unfaithful when he went through her chats with another guy on WhatsApp.

She could be seen begging him that she would stop chatting with the guy and block his contact but her man insisted that he does not want her to block the guy or do anything else other than to pack her bags so that he can take her to the airport.

The young man, who did not look angry, said with calmness that her pleas don’t mean anything to him because she already lost him.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, naomidavid_ said; I will pack my things and book a room in the same hotel and have the fun that I deserve. Ladies, If you gon cheat please have your own money…. these guys too de do one kind 😂

succinct_muskat; No 1 man ever fully satisfies a woman, know this and know peace brovs🌝.

mss_vhenny; All I saw was a normal chat. Cheating where? Oh pls

skelewutv; Na that voice him wan use pursue her 😂 Abeg ooo!!

bout_demi; How’d he manage to be this calm 😐

44ghost__; Very Cool Guy😂 I know some Guys wey for Do deck am😂 Lol.. Na why some people no dey see Better husband be this

official_naughtyboi; Aunty pack your stuff and leave ,make that other guy carry you go the vacation

mhe_interiordesigns; Cheating is really bad, don’t do it to anyone, it’s a serious breach of trust

tiaramillz; Person you go leave travel back. Make she dey her vacation alone.

deegeneral; Even if them dey date God himself them go still cheat…

oni_daramola; The texts ruined everything 😢 she was now saying please, I’d block him!! My gender 💔

sa.mmie89; Better to be the one she cheats with than to get cheated on 🧐

big_logo1; Love is really beautiful if you happen to meet a woman who truly loves u. All this ones no be love dem love. Dem just agree to date u.