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Man appreciates Oyibo wife for paying his bills, giving him money to buy car after he lost his job



A 37-year-old man, Bernard Musyoki has revealed how lucky he is to be married to his American wife, Deborah Jan Spicer.

Musyoki, a Kenyan man who hails from Kitui county, said he met 70-year-old Deborah on Facebook in 2017.

“I sent her a friend request, after a week, I asked her to marry me and she accepted. We even exchanged vows inbox,” he told

In 2018, the young man was to travel to the United States to meet his lover, but he was denied a visa, however he never gave up.

“In March 2020, I applied for a visa again, did an interview but I was denied a visa,” he said.

They kept communicating, and on December 29, 2020, she decided to travel to Kenya to meet her prince charming.

Upon her arrival, they travelled to Kitui, where Musyoki lives and decided to stay celibate until marriage.

“We used to sleep in different rooms and promised each other to stay pure until we exchanged vows. We had someone in the house who used to live with us,” he narrated.

Finally, on February 2, 2021, the two lovebirds tied the knot in the presence of ‘strangers’ who witnessed them exchange vows as their families did not show up.

“My family thought it was a joke when I told them I was getting married to Deborah. The guy we used to live with and a cyber cafe operator we met in town were present. They are the ones who signed our marriage certificate,” he recalled.

Musyoki, half his wife’s age, said he received mixed reactions after travelling to Mwingi to introduce Deborah to his family.

“Some people were saying she is my sponsor…all kinds of stuff

Initially, my mother was not for the idea, but later she accepted Deborah,” he said.

The young man who used to work at a Christian NGO located in Kitui, lost his job in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and ever since his loving wife has been paying his bills.

”She used to send me money and even last year, she sent me money to buy a car,” he said.

The soft-spoken man said after marriage, they had the best four months before Deborah left. The 70-year-old, who lives in Michigan, US, was forced to extend her visa for a few months and on June 8, she had to leave the country before it expired.

He recently contacted the US embassy hoping this time around he would be lucky, but his application was denied again.

Musyoki maintained that he is genuinely in love with her not after money.

“Age is just but a number. If you love someone, follow your heart. True love exists no matter the age difference. I love her and would like to take care of her especially now that she is aging.

“She is very loving. She calls me three times a day. I enjoyed every moment we spent during the time she was here…in bed and everything.”

The Kenyan man said he is hopeful that one day the US Embassy will give him a visa so that he can reunite with his wife.

“We would want to spend our life together,” he added.

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