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Man apologises to his woman with N10m cheque, box of dollars



A man has set a standard that will have other male folks struggling to measure up to whenever they offend their women.

He apologised to his lover named Emejiaka Joy Chika with a cheque of N10 million for an undisclosed offense.

She also received a box full of bundles of $100 dollar bills and a giant size teddy bear at a venue he set up to tender the apology with actions.

Photos which surfaced on social media showed the woman posing with the cheque and other gifts she received from her man.

There were also balloon decorations, a bouquet of flowers and boxes of gifts with the inscription; ”I am sorry.”

Netizens shared varying responses regarding how they both handled the matter.

@dashofcolours; I just hope somebody’s son did not hit you then chose to apologize with 10m or even cheat on you 😑 I don’t have the threshold for any of the above.

@prestigeousBabe; This girl will keep receiving apology for life. The guy knows her mumu button.

@9jaGreek; Reasons why a lot of women would remain in abusive relationship. Nothing to offer other than accepting gifts after being cheated on. Such a pity, the day y’all would realize there’s something better than silver & gold. Y’all keep accepting the love you deserve 👍

@GodsonNweke; This is really not from a man that makes genuine money….if his money is legit…he will possibly take her out…

@queenlopezz143; Did he sleep with her Mum and her 4 Sisters? Btw, that 2nd frame, is that cake?

@TOBORAY; Nothing wey you wan tell me, them don put this guy inside bottle😂😂😂

@jentle_jerizy; It’s really sad how we have monetized everything even up to apologize. This is really painful. It’s well sha

@bolu_dr; I won’t bother reading the comments cause I know what I’ll see but it’s a W for this man tbh. Think about how much money you need to have to be able to apologize with 10M.

@jsleeky11665; Funny thing you can cheat or do shii to the other gender and apologize with good cash, lmao

@AsteroidZino; It’s not even only women bro , if ur babe drops a 10m check on ur bed after cheating u no go forgive??? Even if e no reach ur mind for that period u go act , stop capping

@ButterBabe__; What the men are saying here is exactly what women tell fellow women to make them feel bad. (“he will still cheat on you”)

@dhiscursion; I have been seeing “God when” “God when”on my Whatsapp status. At the end of the day, everything is still for the media. After posting, money goes back to where it came from, (if it left initially😀) they settle the person that did the surprise small money. Case closed.

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