Man announces he’s “back to the streets” one year after getting engaged on birthday

A Ugandan man, Mr Kilo has announced the end of his engagement one year and two months after he asked his woman for her hand in marriage.

He made the revelation in a dramatic way on Twitter as he said that he is back to the streets because things did not work out.

Kilo proposed to his now ex-lover in 2021 on his birthday and he had shared photos from the engagement.

On Nov. 6 2021, he wrote: “She said yes on my birthday and i have never been soo excited all my life. Love is a beautiful thing ❤😍”

Fast-forward to January 2023, Mr Kilo said that the relationship ended in tears even though he did his best to make things work.

He wrote: “UPDATE: It ended in tears but we move. I did my very best but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned, back on these streets “

A tweep @KingTupacShaku9 mocked the woman saying; after all she was ugly….change your taste next time young king…all the best.

But Kilo reprimanded him with the words; “Don’t disrespect that woman bro, we had our issues but can’t say such at all. Thank you.”

See the post:

Meanwhile it was reported earlier that a Nigerian man went online to seek advice on behalf of his friend who made a shocking discovery just a month to his wedding.

He said his friend just learnt from his fiancee that she did abortion once in the past and he is considering calling off the wedding which is fixed for January 2, 2023.

The man reportedly took his wife-to-be for test and it was confirmed that she can still conceive, however, he is not sure if he should still move forward with the marriage plans.

She did the abortion in 2018 and he said he loves her but wants to know if he is making the right decision to still marry her.

The post reads; ”My guy was asking, his wedding is slated for 5th January and his wife to be just told him last week Saturday that she has had an abortion once. She’s a wife material tho, womb is intact too cos they when to a gynecologist to after she made the confession to check and run checks on her. She’s good. But he was asking if I’d still carry on with the marriage if I was in his shoes.

I told him I’ll bring to PSB and screenshot reactions of people. Abeg make PSB people put mouth take help my guy. He said he loves her and nothing has changed, this was something she did since 2018.”