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Man and friends pack everything in his girlfriend’s chemist store because she cheated (Watch video)



A Nigerian man who caught his girlfriend cheating on him stormed the chemist store where she sells medicines and packed everything inside.

He claimed to be the one who gave her the money to stock up the store and since she could not respect him enough to stay faithful he decided to collect the goods which were bought with his cash.

A video making the rounds online shows the moment he was creating a scene with his friends in the neighbourhood where the chemist store is located.

He and his buddies chased the girl out of the shop after which the young men packed every drug and item they could find inside the shop and carted it away inside disposable polythene bags.

He could be heard in the background saying that he is not stealing the items, and some of his friends tried to confront his babe for having the audacity to cheat on the guy.

Towards the ending part of the clip, they majestically walked away with the bags of medicines.

Watch the video below:

In similar news, a young Nigerian man seized the properties of a girl whom he claimed refused to visit after sending her transport fare.

He stormed her apartment with some friends but she was not at home, however, they were somehow able to gain access into her house.

The guy and his pals carried her gas cooker, kettle, fan, cooking pot and some other household items.

In a video making the rounds online, they could be seen walking out of the house as the guy who recorded the video explained the reason for their action.

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