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Making Trading Easier in Action: CoinEx’s Connective Vision for All

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a surge in popularity among ordinary investors due to its decentralised nature, high volatility, and global circulation. However, crypto assets are still financial products, and the required financial and industry knowledge can be a barrier for many newcomers. Although decentralised encrypted financial systems are not controlled by a select few or institutions and are free from third-party intervention, unlike traditional financial systems. The development of the crypto finance field has inadvertently led to increased barriers.

When individuals hear about Bitcoin being compared to gold as a store of value, their initial thoughts may revolve around understanding what Bitcoin is, where to buy it, and how to trade it. Instead of dismantling existing barriers for public entry into the financial industry, the emergence of crypto finance has created new complexities that go against the original intention of serving the public. The presence of various exchanges with distinct product functions, intricate trading pages filled with technical terms, and overwhelming options can truly deter already apprehensive investors.

CoinEx: Bridging the Gap for Every Investor

With the aim of “making the world a better place through the blockchain,” CoinEx was founded in 2017 to tackle this irrationality. CoinEx’s primary goal is to break down the financial barriers and construct a bridge for ordinary investors to access the cryptocurrency market.

“Decentralised blockchain and encryption technology exist to serve the public. As a professional exchange, we have a duty to transform the industry, enabling universal access to cryptocurrency transactions,” emphasises Haipo Yang, founder of CoinEx.

Recognizing the complexity and volatility of the cryptocurrency market, CoinEx understands the importance of creating user-friendly platforms. It’s essential for cryptocurrency exchanges to make their platforms as easy to use as possible, providing a level playing field for all participants. With a number of features that make trading easier for users, CoinEx offers the following:

  • The first function button in the navigation bar on the home page is the deposit and withdrawal button for fiat currency. This ensures that novices can quickly find the entrance to buy coins when opening the webpage and purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currency.
  • The “three-step guide” in the novice zone allows for easy progression from account opening to making transactions.
  • The transaction page presents only five sections: “Coin Selection,” “K-line,” “Order,” “Trading Area,” and “Bid-Ask.” There are no other non-essential sections, which ensures that users can focus on actual transactions without being disturbed by unnecessary information.
  • Based on complex underlying algorithms and product logic, the CoinEx product team simplifies each layer in the functional design process. This ultimately achieves “dumb transactions,” reducing the number of operation steps for users and saving them time and cost. For example, its exchange function is a self-developed algorithm by the CoinEx team, supporting second-level exchange of any coin and providing real-time quotations.

CoinEx avoids piling up cumbersome functions, ensuring that users do not have to spend time and energy on multiple-choice questions. By doing so, CoinEx empowers ordinary investors and gives them an equal opportunity to succeed alongside experienced traders.

Bottom Line

As the crypto market continues to grow and attract more participants, ensuring accessibility for ordinary investors becomes paramount. CoinEx’s mission to break down crypto financial barriers and provide a simplified and inclusive platform is aligned with the core principles of the crypto-finance movement.

By prioritising user experience and offering educational resources, CoinEx is playing a crucial role in democratising the cryptocurrency market, providing everyone with a chance to participate, learn and potentially benefit from this evolving and promising financial landscape.