Make e go write JAMB again – Reactions as ‘smart’ 100 level student corrects lecturer in class

A man has taken to social media to reveal what happened during lectures at a Nigerian higher institution.

He said a first year student corrected a lecturer who seemingly made an error while giving a lecture to freshers in class.

According to the narrator known as Mr Mfonobong, the man asked the 100 level student for his matriculation number after the correction because of his smartness.

The social media user shared a photo of the student and lecturer in front of class when the said act took place.

He wrote; “A fresher was spotted today correcting his lecturer and the lecturer writes down his registration number, says he’s a smart student. Should we tell him?”

See the post:

In reaction, other netizens opined that the student has set himself up to fail by embarrassing the lecturer.

@iamAbode; Not all lecturers are bad, I remembered I corrected one in my second year. He was happy but only wrote “you have sown the wind and you will reap the whirlwind” on the board.

@Horlawalay6; Be better make him go find another school cos he can’t graduate

@Walex_bb; The last time this happened at a school in lagos I won’t mention the student (Female) received constitent knacks from the lecturer till she graduated.

@TriumphantKtt; Nor b every lecturer Jor I don correct one of my lecturer like that wen I still Dey 200 l for school dat year … till today me and that lecturer na padi

@izangmarcus1; Jamb registration is still on. He should endeavor to register and apply to another school.

@Ayo__sultan; I just hope the lecturer won’t gang up with his colleagues against the ode boy.

Meanwhile, a young man identified as Dave Partner has warned African parents about the dangers of sending their children abroad to study at an early age.

In an advisory video making the rounds online, he said any parent who send their kids to school in other countries too early have lost them forever.

According to Dave, the number of times they may see their son or daughter again might not be up to 10 times before they die.

He said the fact that some people are rich enough to send their wards to US, UK or Canada does not mean they should do it when they are still minors.

He explained that they get accustomed to the new sociaty they are living in, and embrace a foreign culture which is alien to that of an African home.

The business trainer said one of the factors which influences a child’s change in character is what he learns in school, either from teachers of his fellow students.

Dave Partner said that the parent might only be able to see them when they graduate or after getting married to a white lady.

He further said that they will also not be interested in taking over the family business because they did not learn anything about it from their mum or dad.

The man stressed that there are a lot of things that change the child overseas which are enough to make them become distant and detached from their roots.

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